Pretty canvases. Pretty funny expressions.


The Studios of Key West
2nd Floor
April 7 - 28


Writer Kevin Assam has sober stumbled through your bars, pretended to turn a blind eye to your worst, and washed his hands with some of your hopes and dreams.

Now, he's collected your most outrageous quotes and expressions and plastered them across canvases your mother would love.

Each piece is attributed to an islander who's inspired or probably said these unforgettable nuggets of obscene hilarity.

That means your name might come up.


Thursday 7 April

1. Book an entry time at
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2. Bring proof of vaccination for entry. Wear masks. Anti-vaxxers? Go to Walgreens and get a negative covid test. And pick me up a frappuccino while you're at it.

3. Enjoy the spectacle! Sign up for any giveaways. Did your name come up? Figure out the scenario that birthed the insanity of each artwork.
Laugh. Gloat. Cry. Buy.

4. Show the artist a really good time

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